Colorform Live Art

With their uncommon brand of straightforward, high energy rock, Colorform gets right in your face, then lets you cry on their shoulder. Known for their live shows filled with dynamic highs and lows, they always have the audience moving. Colorform knows a good party!

The band's sound is anchored by an experienced rhythm section that lays the groundwork for melodic guitar, cello, emotive vocals, and catchy lyricism. Front woman Kate Logan's song writing has been described as "powerful, truthful, passionate, structured, sexual, controlled, abandoned and so, so smart."

Colorform's most recent album, "FIGHT/FLIGHT", is a collection of songs highlighting two contrasting sides of the band, with different production values in each volume. "FLIGHT" is reflective, attempting to find beauty in life's struggles, and "FIGHT" is a defiant call to action. If you want to bob your head, if you want to rage, if you just want to listen, Colorform has a home for you.

"It's folky, it's punk, it's indie garage meets the right now." It's Colorform, and they're ready to rock you through the good and the bad.

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